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Smart LED TV Has More to It Than You Know

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Our journey from the idiot box to smart TVs has been quite incredible. Today TV entertainment is no longer restricted to switching over a few channels or just watching movies. The world of television has become much more incredible and insightful than before. Not only does paid streaming services largely contribute towards reaching a goal with linear and on-demand programming but even propel them to create equally engaging content. Other than streaming services there are huge libraries of content that range from old favorites to latest Academy and Emmy Awards. The clash of content among different media channel does not end here but stretches to integrate vast back catalogs of content into their branded services. Hence amount of TV that one can watch on your smart TV is hugely surprising. But this is not all that a Smart TV does.

The utility of a smart TV is more visible when it is internet compatible and utility apps provide a more vivid user experience. This takes the attention of the audience away from considering a Smart LED TV more than just another home entertainment device and gives it the role of a processing device where you can multitask.

Going beyond this traditional use Smart LED TV have added a lot of functionality that is present in smartphone. We have put together a list of smart things that you can do with your Smart TV.

Features of Android TV

In this century there started an outburst of Android enabled TV platform that gave the customers an opportunity to upscale their TV without burdening buyers’ pockets. This update integrated various changes such as introducing a new interface into the new TV introduced. Android enabled TV is designed to be personalized and a continuous work to enhance the capabilities of the TV is constantly being worked upon. The layout has also changed to become easier to quickly navigate through the functionalities and more versatile for a variety of activities.

Even if you consider that you are using an older device that was Android enabled still you can update it to adopt the latest features of the OS into your TV. And the chrome cast of the Android enabled TV makes it to update to the latest version quite easily.


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