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Yet another year is approaching its end and just like before celebrations for this year’s Festive season is gaining momentum. Usually enthusiasm and vigor in people is quite High around this time. Perfect time for sellers around the world to use this opportunity in Laying their best-selling pitch. But is there a cook-book of sellers that will facilitate them In doing that? This article is our attempt to prepare a roadmap for your online journey This festive season. It will also highlight features from Big Commerce that enables you to Unlock your store’s full potential in building brand loyalty.

TV Manufacturers In India

We’ll let us start with an analogy

In 2013 Nokia, a top mobile manufacturer, nearly went bankrupt until Microsoft intervened and stretched Nokia’s manufacturing journey to an extent. With 50% market share in 2007 Nokia had a market share of only 5% in 2013. A brand which Microsoft later acquired to its benefit. Once the news about this was out it triggered a downturn of events for Nokia starting with the exodus of its clients.

It is useful for businesses to have factors that led to the failure of other organizations in their hindsight. More often learning from mistakes which other organizations commit. What failed in the case of Nokia is an important message to learn for every seller looking to build brand loyalty and sustain it. But building a strong brand reputation needs a completely different strategy from what is required to sustain it. Let’s explore this in greater detail

Lessons From Mobile Manufacturing Giant : Do’s and Don’ts in Building Brand Loyalty This festive season make your best move to increase your sales prospects and do not get bogged down with regressive strategies that will lead you nowhere.

Lack of Innovative Temperament

The psychology behind building brand loyalty: Key takeaways for this festive season

To match with the high enthusiastic spirit of buyers this festive season give your store the technical upgrade it needs. Something similar happened with the leadership of Nokia who failed to push for technical innovation fast enough after 2007. It resulted in launching technically inferior Nokia mobiles that were not a match for high-end mobiles launched by Apple and Samsung. So having a critical eye for technical supremacy can keep you ahead in competition.

With BigCommerce offering headless commerce architecture you can deliver high-quality content experience at the front-end serving various touch-points which customers use nowadays to transact business. It enables your Big Commerce store to deliver content optimized for various devices, decoupling the frontend from the backend, precisely separating the presentation layer from the ecommerce engine. As the frontend in most cases is the template or theme, decoupling will enable your brand to become device agnostic. Delivering content, products and payment gateways to smartwatches, kiosk screens and other devices becomes easy.

To further add to the technical ingenuity BigCommerce offers an amazing set of tools like SDK’s for Android and iOS to build mobile apps for both operating systems respectively. With very different design and UX needs, mobile is pulling a lot of traction in conducting ecommerce transactions which cannot be ignored. Recent data from Shop visible shows that mobile devices, mainly phone and tablets, account for 21% and 17% of ecommerce traffic respectively. So to establish deep relations with your customers BigCommerce enables developers to build stylish apps using their Big

Design tool to create that core impression about your brand.


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