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Entertainment without Internet is Unimaginable

Best Smart TV in India

With the rapid technological advancement, it is quite easy to understand that operating smart devices in isolation is not possible. Even the internet is nothing but a vast network of interconnected computers around the world. So every node of contact with the internet is nothing but a connected device. But the most reassuring part is the easy access to information using such a huge network present at your disposal. But if there is a larger audience viewing the content or in case the content viewed lacks clarity it demands that content must be viewed in some other medium.

Here arises the need of connecting your laptop/PC to your TV. Now majorly every smart LED TV manufacturer understands the importance of linking different devices and facilitates interlinking the Smart LED TV with PC through different means.

This article gives you a step-by-step guide on how can you connect a laptop to the TV so that you can access a huge library of content on the big screen.


You can connect your laptop to your TV and stream your favorite movies and videos from online streaming services like YouTube, and Netflix. Also, enjoy any content stored on your laptop. You can even browse the web, connect with your friends on social media, play games, or edit a document on the big screen.

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HDMI Connection

A PC can be connected with the TV using an HDMI cable which is very easy. HDMI cables are comparatively cheap and are also easily available both for online and local markets. An HDMI connection also provides high-quality HD pictures and sound. Being different from the VGA cable which requires a separate cable for audio however an HDMI cable happily transfers both audio and video

Connecting a Laptop to TV Using HDMI?

  • Insert one end of your HDMI cable (male to male) to your PC or laptop and the other end to one of the HDMI ports on your TV. If in case your TV has multiple HDMI ports then note the port number you plan to plug it into.
  • According to the buttons used you can vary TV or remote control and change the setting input of the TV by selecting the appropriate HDMI port. Some TVs possibly detect the connected laptop or your PC automatically.
  • Select Display Settings that appear when you right-click on the desktop of your PC.
  • Then further look into the display settings menu and click on ‘Detect’ to search for the connected TV. If the display settings window has two squares, labeled 1 and 2, then your PC or laptop has already detected your TV.
  • Select one option out of the four options in the “Multiple displays” drop-down box.
  • Pick from the multiple options that are right for you and fits your requirement. The options are:
  • Duplicate these displays. Once you do that you will see the same screen on both your laptop/PC and TV.
  • Extend these displays and your TV will become an extended part of your desktop.
  • Show only on 1. Picking option 1 will turn off the screen of display number 2.
  • Show only on 2. Picking option 2 will turn off the screen of display number 1.
  • Click on apply and now your laptop is connected to your TV ready to use.

Move further after clicking on respective displays numbered square and select ‘Advanced Display Settings’ to further customize each display.


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