The growth of televisions are gone by far at its most beautiful stage where innovation is prompting day by day. Rapidly evolving technology is driving the LED TV Companies in India to exceed their radius of notion to introduce the Best Smart LED TV in India. Inculcating on the mind of every buyer, smart TV now considered as the basic necessity in order to glare the illustration of one’s home. From installing setup box to stream online, televisions has gone through myriad changes.

With latest features and advance specifications, it is now getting more complicated to figure out which smart TV is best as the comparison list and customer reviews baffle many of us which often lead to buying a mislead. Not just to bloom a living room, LED TV Supplier also deems that a smart TVs also explores the visual experience as it transform the space into a home theatre where all the online streaming movies could be enjoyed.

In this supreme competitive market, LED TV Companies in India constantly focuses on manufacturing the Best Smart LED TV in India in order to achieve customer satisfaction and establish an apex position in the market. Providing wide range of smart LED TVs, LED TV Supplier, YUWA TV has completed its mission to release the new frameless smart TV series. With better clarity, smart features and beautiful illustration, our frameless series is a full packed modern entertainment.


Contrived by the LED TV Manufacturers, a frameless TV is designed to enhance the visual experience with super slim illustration utilizes the full integrated screen. The sleek borders between a screen and device frame constitutes a bezel responsible for a premium representation. Diminishing the distractions (like menu buttons, logos, ON buttons), LED TV Manufacturers aims to increase the size of screen without the need of increasing the remote gadget.

Noticing out the manufacturing method, LED TV Supplier has provided a massive contribution by insinuating flat panel screens, obstructing the cathode ray tubes (CRT) which are used in the old televisions set. The LCD screen electronically oscillate the pixels by using liquid crystals whereas the new emitting diodes (LEDs) contains no casing like the Old style TVs. Many LED Companies in India offer three side frameless while some completely utilizes the screen and present a four sided slim frame.


  • Space is more as there is no frame without deviating the size of the controller gadget.
  • With enhanced lighting technology (like the LEDs), resolution is more supervised and bolstered up.
  • Frameless looks very blushing and prime when it comes to representation. It is also very light weight which is helpful while managing proper space.
  • Popular for improved visuals and gaming experience, frameless sets are merchandised by many LED TV Companies in India.
  • Reduces distractions as they do not create noticeable obstruction where it’s placed.


As frameless TVs are the product of superiority, YUWA TV holds the premium reputation in the smart TV market by manufacturing some of the Best Smart TV in India. We process innovation and amelioration as our new launch frameless smart TVs are a true reflection of our work. Assuring the best choice product, the slim borders with three sided frame has some look.

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