Smart LED TV Has More to It Than You Know

Our journey from the idiot box to smart TVs has been quite incredible. Today TV entertainment is no longer restricted to switching over a few channels or just watching movies. The world of television has become much more incredible and insightful than before. Not only does paid streaming services largely contribute towards reaching a goal with linear and on-demand programming but even propel them to create equally engaging content. Other than streaming services there are huge libraries of content that range from old favorites to latest Academy and Emmy Awards. The clash of content among different media channel does not end here but stretches to integrate vast back catalogs of content into their branded services. Hence amount of TV that one can watch on your smart TV is hugely surprising. But this is not all that a Smart TV does.

The utility of a smart TV is more visible when it is internet compatible and utility apps provide a more vivid user experience. This takes the attention of the audience away from considering a Smart LED TV more than just another home entertainment device and gives it the role of a processing device where you can multitask.

Going beyond this traditional use Smart LED TV have added a lot of functionality that is present in smartphone. We have put together a list of smart things that you can do with your Smart TV.

Features of Android TV

In this century there started an outburst of Android enabled TV platform that gave the customers an opportunity to upscale their TV without burdening buyers’ pockets. This update integrated various changes such as introducing a new interface into the new TV introduced. Android enabled TV is designed to be personalized and a continuous work to enhance the capabilities of the TV is constantly being worked upon. The layout has also changed to become easier to quickly navigate through the functionalities and more versatile for a variety of activities.

Even if you consider that you are using an older device that was Android enabled still you can update it to adopt the latest features of the OS into your TV. And the chrome cast of the Android enabled TV makes it to update to the latest version quite easily.

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Why should you consider Upgrading your TV

Buy Online Smart LED TV

With the drastic change in the TV market both technology and price have undergone huge variation. Today advanced technology in television comes with ultra-high definition (UHD, or 4K) which is not only an uptrend from 1080p standard picture quality but also an advanced version of the same. As the Indian Smart TV market is internet ready and the relevant technology is coming with embedded OTT platforms which finds relevance among buyers. Aiming to develop ‘Made in India’ TVs, TV manufacturers in India are up scaling to provide best Smart LED TV within the country.

Today a television is not restricted to just playing content and remain hung on the wall as it is no longer dependent on the set top box. Compatible with the high end technology today TV’s have become smarter coming with the ability to connect to the internet. It comes with the capability to enable TV manufacturers in India to build TV’s enabled to play content from OTT platforms without connecting to any external device and having voice control capabilities. Today TV’s come with built in Alexa that enables you to give voice commands to the TV in case you feel too lazy to get up from your couch. This feature can be further used to access weather updates, set alarms, check cricket scores and control other smart home appliances. Isn’t it quite amazing?

In this category the most widely used television screen technology is LED/LCD with LED backlighting. This facilitates the size of the TV to be slim and sport thin bezel around the screen which delivers an expansive viewing experience. Such an approach is energy-efficient and makes a well suited screen form available for potential buyers.
Now the days are right behind us when HD and full HD were standard, and are still common but YUWA understands how important it is to upscale with the changing trends. We are striving to bring out in large numbers Ultra HD TVs having four times more pixels as compared to an HDTV. This Ultra HD TV provides improved display quality much better in comparison to other televisions in the same price segment. Smart LED TV manufacturers in India have been working on it quite effectively to give good picture quality coupled with fine sound quality that delivers an amazing viewing experience. To achieve the same we have tuned our speakers to produce a quality sound output to match those highs and lows of your content giving you an unparalleled engagement. Depending on an external sound bar just to compensate for poor TV audio output is a thing of the past. YUWA is conscientious about the audio technology as it provides sound bar like surround sound with the built in speakers.

YUWA LED TVs have 1.45GHz CPU frequency which is quite impressive among the range of similar products for allowing your TV to take multiple commands simultaneously. So you can take a Skype call on your TV along with watching the content. With ISD panel technology and A+ grade panel you can view a crystal clear detailing- including sharper and clearer text. This gives your images a brighter, richer, and livelier appearance. Moreover, with the evolution of mobile phones the concept of smart TV is quite recent and is gaining momentum. Similar to smartphones features like internet connectivity and access to apps and other underlying features a smart television is catching up in the race of smart gadgets. A smart TV though is not only capable of connecting with the internet but also useful in retrieving content from there. Although in the current scenario Smart LED TV no longer need to connect with an external device but still can function smoothly with the set-top box, USB drive, streaming dongle, or Blu Ray Player.

YUWA TVs have their own in-built internet browser which allows users to surf through the internet on television itself. YUWA TV is powered with an Android version 9.0 that has smart operating functions and supports different apps that can run on the popular Android OS. It is also sufficed with service platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Disney+Hotstar etc., specifically designed for ease of navigation with a standard TV remote. With this growing list of features that we offer, YUWA TV is packed with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM for a fast and snappy experience and good storage capacity.
Besides having such an excellent gamut of colors for viewing HDR content, our TV has an amazing brightness quality for viewing digital content. An unimaginable viewing experience for viewing this product in true HDR. Not only does the brightness intensity has an outstanding reflection that is visible even in a well-lit room. Moreover, YUWA’s image accuracy ensures a great viewing experience at 178 degrees viewing angle.
And, if all of this seems to be quite confusing to handle you can use our Google assistance to use the voice functionality feature so you do not have much trouble in watching your favorite movie or web series. Our commitment to make true landmark TV in HD and Smart TV segment will provide you with amazing picture quality, premium built-in audio system and fast processing value. A combination of all these features in most competitive prices is unbelievable and our minimalistic design suits your ambience perfectly.

Bring home the YUWA smart LED TV for a fulfilling viewing experience every time you plan to engage with your favorite digital content.

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How to choose the right smart LED TV

How to choose the right smart LED TV

A recent addition in the list of high end devices that contribute in improving the standard of living is a smart LED TV. However, anticipating the growth prospects in this segment most Smart LED manufacturers have taken the challenge of being the first in bringing such groundbreaking technology to their buyers. But as the number of brands promising to do so increase it is creating a confusion for potential buyers to choose the best product among different options available in the market. The major drawback being use of highly technical terms in explaining the credibility of the product and lack of awareness among the buyers to find the relevant acts as a major drawback. Even more so when the buyers cannot frame a relevant sense of how use of such technology depicted with these terms can enhance the user experience.

Let us start with finding the right technological features that gives you the best value for your hard earned money. Consider the list of features that stand out among rest

  • Display Technology

  • Screen Size

  • Screen Resolution

  • Refresh Rate

Best Smart TV in India

Display technology being a field with constant up gradation has to meet a demanding environment more than ever. Important properties that drive such demands include a higher degree of color saturation, higher contrast ratio and a greater spatial resolution. Technologies catering to these common demands include LCD, LED, OLED and their hybrids. Ideal products having slim designs must have lower power input and a higher contrast ratio delivering best results.  Even more desirable is the ability of the product to operate in highly ambient lighting condition that requires specific architecture. Currently, displays must be customizable with the range of applications they are utilized in. Whether utilized in theater screens, video walls, advertising panels or billboards display technology must be highly advanced.

Screen Size is the ideal size of the Screen that is basically chosen according to the place where the screen is to be placed. Keeping in mind whether the TV is to be mounted on the wall or placed on the table finding a location where it finds proximity to other devices such as – set top box, game consoles and others the size must be chosen.

Screen Resolution basically defines sharpness and clarity with which any given text or image is displayed on the screen. Resolutions as high as 1600 x 1200 pixels makes the picture quality sharper and the colors appear brighter and more items can fit on the screen as the individual images appear shorter. However in the case of lower resolutions, such as 800 x 600 pixels, though individual items appear larger but the overall image contains low number of items. The ideal resolution can be the one that the monitor supports like earlier it used to be CRT monitor with the resolution quality of 1024 × 768 pixels and it works well at different resolutions. Usually the larger the monitor more is its resolution.
Refresh Rate usually depicts the frequency of a display it gets updated on the onscreen image. The frequency is measured in Hertz and is measured in Milliseconds. A higher refresh rate is the number of times per second a display is able to draw a new image. It is observed that during normal utility a refresh rate of 60 hertz is considered optimum whereas for gaming refresh rates much higher than this is needed. On pairing with high frame rates that is produced by a GPU and CPU together it can result in a satisfying experience and a higher FPS.

Requirement that fulfill the above given conditions can be understood with

  • Monitor that has high refresh rate
  • A CPU that gives quick commands in a critical game that also includes AI, game logic, AI and other data
  • A GPU that’s fast enough to execute these instructions quickly and create the graphics you see on the screen.

Buy LED TV with the above mentioned specifications for improved results. Check out the YUWA Smart LED TV for that gives you the much estimated results.

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Buy Online Best Smart TV in India

Demand for smart LED TV in India is constantly rising and manufacturers have taken this as a challenge. Even a report on Google which states that every year thousands of people turn towards premium grade devices to improve their binge watching experience. Something that has become so common after the introduction of OTT platforms. Every delivered content on OTT platform is so appealing and the storyline so enthralling that viewers feel connected with every content they watch on these platforms. Observing such rapid changes in the customer behavior, manufacturers of Smart LED TV have perfectly embed their products with the relevant features that made these devices move to the next level. 

Apart from making the Smart LED TV more economical, let us dive deep into the features of Smart LED TV that highlights the quality of the product.  

A feature that separates Smart LED TV from their previous version is the fact that it can connect to the internet. Now, you can watch content from multiple platforms using the internet which is a smart step to catch customer attention. Smart LED TVs provide 2 different ways to connect with the internet one is via TV’s Ethernet port which is a faster and more stable connection but the other one is Wi-Fi which is more convenient in case your TV is placed more close to the router.
Majorly every Smart LED TV manufactured today is loaded with Android Operating System. This gives the customers access to apps which they can utilize in a number of different ways. Android being an interactive and intuitive interface which facilitates customers to switch between apps, provides streaming services and gives many other options. 

Smart LED TV is not just another device but is loaded with advanced technology like Artificial Intelligence which enables Voice Assisted services. Now it is no longer necessary for viewers to press the remote control for changing channels or watching their favorite programs. Commands like “Switch to Discovery Channel” or “Play Bollywood song on YouTube” will function to create the most suitable ecosystem of interconnected AI devices.  
Also such advanced characteristics will enable you to watch any content over the internet without restricting itself to only dish or cable network. Now there is no definite source to which you need to depend for watching your favorite content. You can watch the recorded version of a live telecast or repeat it the next day.  Whether it is a song on YouTube or a movie on Netflix Smart LED TV has it all for their customers to offer. 

For the enchanting experience that immerses you in the world of imagination Buy online Smart LED TV.

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